Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peeps and Flowers Easter Cupcakes

Peeps and Flowers Cupcakes
I LOVE cupcakes and it happens to be something that I am also fairly good at making, at least I think so anyway.  Other people might beg to differ.

I usually make cupcakes for school well, because kids love cupcakes too.  It's easier than slices of real cake and they each get their own perfectly sized portion.  What is not to love, right?

Today Mac and Moose are both having "spring" parties because you can't call them Easter parties but I won't get into that here.  But what I will share with you is the absolutely darling cupcakes I made today.  They are almost too cute to eat.  You decide for yourself!

Here they are my homemade French Vanilla Cupcakes with a Caramel Buttercream Frosting......YUM!

To make:
Use your favorite Vanilla cupcake and caramel buttercream recipe tinted green (I will be posting mine later).  I tried to make the frosting sorta look like grass.  I used the only tip I could find in my drawer at the moment :).

I topped each one with dum dums (for flowers) and a gum drop (cut into small wedges) as the leaf for one version.

For the other, I cut the stick off the extra dum dum heads and used those to secure the marshmallow peeps.  You have to first insert the stick into the cupcake to make the hole, then take it back out and stick it up the "rear end" of the peep and then reinsert it back into the hole you previously made in the cupcake.  Otherwise the stick goes to far up into the peep and not far down enough into the cupcake.  This way it makes for a secure bunny!  Got it?  Good.  Now go eat!