Tuesday, November 30, 2010

you simply MUST put this recipe on your "to make" list!

About 2 months ago, I tried this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  It was not only fabulous but my husband said that in the almost 17 years we have been together that this was quite possibly the "best soup I have ever made".  Wow!  Not sure I should take that as a compliment or a statement that all my previous meals were just mediocre.  Hmmm....need to ponder that some more, lol.

I really thought he was just kidding me but I have made it 4 times since because my family asks for it every time we have a "rainy, soup is the food of choice" kind of night.  

Even my short peeps who are sometimes picky in their food selections, gobble it up and ask for seconds.  So, this recipe is now a staple in my collection and I continue to add, improvise and make changes and it always turns out just as fabulous as the time before if not even better.  You simply MUST try this recipe.

Tonight, I added leftover turkey, 1/2 can jalapenos instead of the green chilis (b/c it is what I had on hand), 1/2 a chipotle chili pepper (instead of the whole amount listed in the recipe to lessen the spice of the added jalapenos) and fresh minced garlic. 

Oh yeah, I also don't use the mesa, I use cornstarch and heavy cream to thicken the soup.  I never have mesa on hand.  :)

Xander said that I always needed to make it just like this from now on as it was simply perfect.


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